• Physiothérapie et rééducation à Martigny et Finhaut
  • PhysioNrj // Cabinet de Physiothérapie à Martigny et Finhaut
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  • PhysioNrj // Cabinet de Physiothérapie à Martigny et Finhaut
  • PhysioNrj // Cabinet de Physiothérapie à Martigny et Finhaut


Pour prendre rendez-vous, merci de nous contacter par téléphone ou SMS 0787419370


Tel.: +41 787419370

or +41 787939423


Sports Physiotherapy & Sports Massage in the Martigny Region

PhysioNRJ offers sports physiotherapy and sports massage services in the Martigny region near ski resorts such as Verbier and Nendaz plus various sports physiotherapy treatments & rehab at the clinic in Martigny. Contact us for an appointment, come and see us directly at our clinic in Martigny, place du Manoir or in Finhaut.  Our sports physiotherapy treatments consists of functional exercise therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy, dry needling, Kinesiotaping, neuromuscular stretching, core stability training, Swiss Ball and Pilates training, pure strengh and development training. We also offer Bike Fitting and consulting within biomechanics for clubs, teams and individual athletes. Contact us for an appointment.

Our team speaks fluently English, we are Scandinavians, English and Swiss physiotherapists.

Where to find our physio clinic in Martigny


Physiotherapist Martigny | Karin | Responsable Physiotherapist in Martigny and FinhautKarin | Responsable Physiotherapist Martigny & Finhaut at Cabinet PhysioNRJ
Physiotherapist Martigny | Bjørn | Responsable Physiotherapist in Martigny and FinhautBjørn | Responsable Physiotherapist Martigny & Finhaut at Cabinet PhysioNRJ

amelie-physioNRJAmélie | Physiotherapist at Cabinet PhysioNRJ

Physiotherapist Martigny | Rose | Physiotherapist at Cabinet PhysioNRJ in MartignyRose | Physiotherapist at Cabinet PhysioNRJ

Équipe PhysioNRJ | École Club Migros à Martigny

Team PhysioNRJ | École Club Migros in Martigny