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  • Physiothérapie à Martigny
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  • PhysioNrj // Cabinet de Physiothérapie à Martigny et Finhaut

Physiotherapy in Martigny & Finhaut

Pour prendre rendez-vous, merci de nous contacter par téléphone 0787419370

Physiotherapy Martigny & Finhaut


Physiotherapy clinic PhysioNRJ

Physiotherapy and services in Martigny and Finhaut is offered by PhysioNRJ. We have physiotherapy services both on our clinic and at your residence, with or without prescription.

We are also offering bike fiting and muscle testing and assessment for clubs, teams or individual athletes with our muscle testing device, that gives you accurate live feedback upon your coordination. This is suitable for any athlete whom would like to increase performance by achieving a better coordination.



physiotherapy martigny | Karin | Responsable Physiotherapist in Martigny and FinhautKarin | Responsable physiotherapist at Cabinet PhysioNRJ
physiotherapy martigny | Bjørn | Responsable Physiotherapist in Martigny and FinhautBjørn | Responsable physiotherapist Cabinet PhysioNRJ

amelie-physioNRJAmélie | Physiotherapist at Cabinet PhysioNRJ

Physiotherapy Martigny | Rose | Physiotherapist at Cabinet PhysioNRJ in MartignyRose | Physiotherapist at Cabinet PhysioNRJ

Équipe PhysioNRJ | École Club Migros à Martigny

Team PhysioNRJ | École Club Migros in Martigny

Physiotherapy treatment services

Analgesic | Biomechanics | Muscular balance | Proprioception and core stability | McKenzie | Trigger points | myofascial release | Low Level Laser Therapy | Dry Needling | Kinesiotaping | Exercise Therapy

Physiotherapy Martigny | Finhaut
Physio clinic PhysioNRJ in Martigny offers services in sports physiotherapy, neurology, rheumatology and sports coaching | In our clinic or at your home residence | with or without a prescription. Our physiotherapy services are recognised and reimbursed by the Swiss insurance companies.
PhysioNRJ | Our clinic
Our physiotherapy practices are located in Martigny centre with l'école club Migros and Résidence Victoria in Finhaut. Physiotherapy at our clinic in Martigny near the ski stations around like Verbier, Marecottes or in our clinic in Finhaut. We also offer consultations at your place of training, I.e. club or training environment.
We provide physiotherapy services in clinic and around Martigny  with home rehabilitation in the areas neurology where we work with Bobath techniques | Movement Science | PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) | neurodynamics. We treat stroke patients | Paraplegia | MS | Parkinson. , rheumatology, massage and lymphatic drainage.


We have a solid experience in the field of sports physiotherapy and more than 10 years of experience in physical training. We can help with rehabilitation and physical preparation for your sport.
Our physiotherapy services in PhysioNRJ: Exercise therapy, manual therapy, dry needling, LLLT, McKenzie, Kinesiotaping, biomechanics, bike fitting, sports coaching, training program and physical testing.
MyoKinematics is a unique method of study developed by PHYSIOINNOVATION. We present a bike fitting method that measures muscle activity are measured separately. This on the basis of a clinical examination of you as a cyclist, nomatter your level.






Physiothérapie à Martigny

Physiothérapie à Martigny

Nous vous proposons des services de rééducation à domicile, dans notre cabinet à l'école club Migros ou dehors dans les domaines de l’orthopédie, pédiatrie, gériatrie, neurologie, rhumatologie, drainage lymphatique et sport.
Neurologie et traitement à domicile

Neurologie et traitement à domicile

Nous possédons une solide expérience et bénéficions d’une formation continue en neurologie | Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Hôpitaux du Pays du Mont Blanc et Université d'Umeå (Suède). Nous travaillons avec les techniques bobath, PNF, concept ABC et neuromusculaires.
Orthopédie et rééducation

Orthopédie et rééducation

Nous travaillons avec la rééducation fonctionnelle, thérapie manuelle, équilibre chaines musculaires, proprioception du corset musculaire, McKenzie, points triggers, dry needling, crochets et Myofacial release, thérapie laser (LLLT), Kinesiotaping, Bio-Psycho-Social, Thérapie d'exercices actifs.
Physiothérapie du sport

Physiothérapie du sport

Nous choisissons des techniques de traitement selon votre problème spécifique et nous proposons la rééducation active dans le centre de fitness de l’école-club Migros situé au centre-ville de Martigny en Valais


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