Physiotherapy Verbier & Martigny is offered by the PHYSIONRJ clinics. We have physiotherapy services both at our clinics and at your residence, with or without prescription and are recognised by the Swiss health care insurance (LAMal) as well as the European health insurance (CEAM). 

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PHYSIONRJ clinics in Verbier & Martigny offers services in sports physiotherapy, rehab in neuro, orthopedic, trauma and rheumatology as well within sports coaching. We have physiotherapy services in our clinics or at your home residence in Martigny or Verbier. We offer these services with or without a prescription and also accept the European health card. Our physiotherapy services are recognised and reimbursed by the Swiss insurance companies and European health insurance with a medical prescription.


Analgesic therapy | Active exercise therapy | Manual therapy | Biomechanics | Muscular balance | Proprioception and core stability | McKenzie | Trigger points | myofascial release | Low Level Laser Therapy | Dry Needling | cupping | Pelvic floor rehab | Scoliosis Scrotch method | Kinesiotaping | Endurance training 



Our bigger main physiotherapy clinic is located in Martigny in the recently renovated commercial centre of  Migros Manoir. Our main clinic in Martigny is bright and modern with a good location in the heart of Martigny, easy parking and access. We are open 5 days a week upon appointment. We also offer physio in the Résidence Victoria in Finhaut on Tuesdays.

Our satellite clinic in Verbier¬†opened 1st September 2022, here we have 2 treatment rooms and a technical plateau for rehab and training, located in the former “Alternative Physio” situated in the famous R√©sidence Alex, centre of Verbier. Parking is easy underground “Les Marais”, the Verbier clinic is on ground floor. We are open 5 days a week upon appointment and also Saturday in high season. We also offer consultations at your home in case of injury or special needs.

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We have a solid experience in the field of sports physiotherapy and more than 15 years of experience in physical training and biomechanics. We can help with rehabilitation and physical preparation for your sport. We strive to apply scientific knowledge available from big databases as Cochrane, Pubmed and British medical journal.

Our sports physiotherapy approach is a mixture of active and manual therapy when needed, the latter very useful in Verbier when acute injury occurs. In this case we will try to calm pain and inflammation, give best possible advice for re-mobilisation and how to get on with your holiday, what to think of and how to deal with the acute injury both near, mid and long-term.

We strive to give tools that are useful and safe for the patient in case of acute injury to maximise the benefits for his/her health both mid and long-term. For residents living in Verbier we have both the satellite clinic equipped with fitness and rehab tools as well as the bigger main clinic in Martigny with a large technical area for both fitness and functional rehab. 



We provide physiotherapy services in the clinics, around Verbier and Martigny with home rehabilitation in the areas of neurology where we work with Movement Science, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), muscular endurance, balance and neurodynamics. We treat stroke patients, Paraplegia, MS, Parkinson, rheumatology and offer massage and lymphatic drainage.



OUR BIKE FITTING is a unique method of study developed by PHYSIOINNOVATION. We present a bike fitting method that takes into account the physical abilities of no matter the level of the athlete. This on the basis of a clinical examination of you as a cyclist. Our bike fitting method as been applied by several professional cyclists and triathletes. This is suitable for any athlete whom would like to increase performance by achieving a better coordination.



We provide running analysis indoor and outdoor in Martigny in our clinic where we benefit from our fitness centre with a running machine and large open space for individual exercises. 


We offer rehab and treatments for patients suffering from chronic and metabolic related diseases


Our physio clinic in Verbier offers services in rehab and prevention within pediatry


We offer consulting within adapted physical activity for all type of patients


Within neurology we also offer home visits and rehab for a wide variety of diagnostics


Our physio clinics offers physiotherapy witin orthopedics and traumatology


Our physio clinic have rehab and treatments for chronic and acute rheumatology problems


We offer respiratory physio treatment and cardiovascular training consulting


The physio clinics offers screening and sportscoaching for all type of athletes

Physiothérapie à Martigny en Valais


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Martigny +41 78 741 93 70



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