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PHYSIONRJ Bike Fitting

Bikefit by a physiotherapist

PHYSIONRJ Bike Fitting

PHYSIONRJ clinic situated in Martigny // Valais
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Bike Fitting in Martigny

PHYSIONRJ Bike Fitting Martigny, Valais, Switzerland

PHYSIONRJ Bike Fitting | Our method

Our method is very focused on the prevention and resolution of injuries. In addition to the normal bikefit and bike adjustments widely available we use science in kinetics, kinematics and sports science. We connect the technology and the know-how of the very personalized bike fitting for cycling developed by ourselves since 2007 and chosen by pro-tour riders in Switzerland and Denmark. We offer 3 services, an ONLINE service and two different postural studies at the Martigny clinic by Physiotherapist and sports and exercise therapist, Bjørn Toft from Denmark.


The method developed by Bjørn Toft since 2007 is also focused on exercise advice followed by the advice of a physiotherapist in the field of sport. We’ll examine on video, with high-speed analysis, at which joint angles each athlete can achieve maximum muscle efficiency with technology that shows pedaling efficiency. Afterwards, we can help discover pedaling techniques thanks to home trainers and different applications.



The PHYSIONRJ Bike Fit system obviously focuses on the development of each athlete and their desire, but we are first focused in the area of ​​injury prevention and resolution. Then, aerodynamics are always very important on a bike, for this we have developed a system to guide and advise you towards an aero position with individualised exercises.

PHYSIONRJ Bike Fit is a fitting system for cycling personalized according to your morphology, your ability and your sporting objectives. You will benefit from having advice on personal exercises to best adapt to a position for performance and/or comfort. The method we propose is a postural study for all cyclists; road, track, cyclocross, triathletes and mountain bikers whatever your level.

Bike Fitting price for cycling (basic) 2 hours // 360,- CHF

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PHYSIONRJ Bike Fit // Bike Fitting in Martigny by a physiotherapist
PHYSIONRJ Bikefit in Martigny by a physiotherapist
PHYSIONRJ Bikefit in Switzerland by a physiotherapist


PHYSIONRJ Bike Fitting in Martigny

A bike fit is a crucial process in cycling that involves adjusting the bike to accommodate a rider’s unique body measurements. This involves flexibility, and riding style. The main reasons to get a bike fit are:


A good fit ensures that the rider is comfortable when riding the bike. Comfortable positioning reduces the risk of discomfort, pain or injury that can result from an improperly adjusted bike.

Injury Prevention

Helps minimize the risk of overuse injuries caused by repetitive motions in cycling. By properly aligning the bike with the rider’s body, it reduces stress on joints, muscles, tendons and nerves.

Improved performance

An optimized fit can improve a rider’s performance by increasing power and efficiency. Proper positioning allows the rider to transfer more power to the pedals and reduces wasted energy due to misalignment.

Increased efficiency

With a properly fitted bike, the rider can maintain a more aerodynamic position. This can reduce air resistance and making it easier to maintain higher speeds with less effort.

Stability and control

A proper fit contributes to better handling and control of the bike. It helps the cyclist to feel more stable on the bike, especially on descents and technical passages.

Customization for Individual Needs

Every rider is unique and a tailored fit takes into account individual body proportions. This means flexibility and any specific needs or limitations. The bikefit is tailored to the rider to ensure an optimal riding experience.

Long-Ride Comfort

For riders participating in long-distance rides or multi-day events. A proper fit is essential for comfort and endurance. It minimizes fatigue and allows the rider to stay comfortable for long periods.

Adapting to Changes

As a rider’s fitness, flexibility, or riding goals change over time. A bike fit can be adjusted accordingly to accommodate those changes and maintain a riding position optimal.

Treat pre-existing conditions

A bikefit can be especially helpful for riders with pre-existing medical conditions or physical limitations. Adjusting the bike to suit these conditions can make cycling more accessible and enjoyable.

Confidence and Pleasure

When the bike is set up correctly for the rider, it builds confidence and enjoyment of riding. The rider can focus on the ride itself rather than being distracted by discomfort or performance issues.

Difference between a normal fit and a bike fit carried out by a physiotherapist?

Having a bikefit by a physiotherapist can be another option than what is usually done in a bike shop. Especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions, injuries or specific physical problems, it may be advisable to seek the help of a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists have a deep understanding of the human body and biomechanics. This knowledge implies how different movements can impact muscles, joints, and general functioning. Here are some benefits of having a bike fit by a physiotherapist…

Injury Assessment and Prevention

A physical therapist can assess your body’s specific strengths, weaknesses, and areas of concern. We as physio profession will try to identify any imbalances or asymmetries that may be affecting your cycling performance.  This knowledge we then try to transfer into the fitting process to reduce the risk of injury or treat injury. We obviously also use this to look at how a cyclist could increase performance.

Posture and alignment

Physiotherapy also involves assessing and improving posture and alignment. We work to ensure that your bike fit promotes a healthy, neutral posture that reduces stress on your body while cycling.

Personalized Approach

Physiotherapists take an individualized approach to bike fit. We strive to take into account your unique body structure, range of motion and medical history. This necessary in order to tailor the bike to your specific needs and goals.

Flexibility and mobility assessment

A physical therapist can assess your flexibility and mobility. These are are crucial factors in achieving an optimal and comfortable cycling position. We strive to recommend exercises and stretches to improve your range of motion if needed.

Integration of rehabilitation techniques

If you are recovering from an injury or have ongoing rehabilitation needs, we as physiotherapist can integrate rehabilitation techniques into the bike fit process. The goal is to aid your recovery and ensure a great cycling experience safely.

Biomechanical analysis

We perform a detailed biomechanical analysis of your cycling motion. This analysis helps identify inefficient movements and make adjustments to improve your pedaling efficiency.


We as physiotherapists have a good understanding of ergonomics, which is key to optimizing the fit of your bike. PHYSIONRJ Bike Fitting in Martigny strive to recommend appropriate ergonomic aids, such as orthotics, pads, shoes, saddles, clothing, etc. if necessary, to further improve comfort and performance.

Education and Counseling

During the fitting, we strive to teach you about proper cycling techniques and exercises to maintain a healthy body while cycling. One of the most important aspects of bike fitting is to reduce the risk of injury.

PHYSIONRJ Bike Fitting Martigny, Valais, Switzerland

PHYSIONRJ Bike Fitting

Informative videos covering bikefit aspects of the body
PHYSIONRJ Bike Fitting