Team PHYSIONRJ | Physiotherapist Martigny & Vallée du Trient

We are a varied team of physios that loves all sports in these beautiful mountains here in Valais. We have a solid background and experience from sports science and physiotherapy. Our physiotherapy approach is based on the modern bio-psycho-social model and implements exercise therapy to the extent possibly for the given case and level. We also work with techniques such as manual therapy, LASER therapy, non-invasive perineal rehab, kinesiotaping, dry-needling and McKenzie.

Our main Physiotherapy clinic is located in the heart of Martigny together with the commercial centre of Migros. We also offer physiotherapy services in Finhaut, situated in the Victoria residence.

In Martigny there is an underground parking and elevator for your convenience in the commercial center of Migros. We have access to a fitness and open technical plateau in Martigny for patients with a medical prescription to ensure an active rehabilitation when possible concerning both medical prescription, diagnosis, level and progress. 

Furthermore we offer coaching and core training in the Migros Manoir commercial center in the heart of Martigny if you come without physiotherapy prescribed issues. We work with a wide range of tools for stimulating for example core stability, weight lifting, proprioception and movement quality. Visualise our clinic in Martigny here. The team of therapists also offers initial courses for physical preparation & training in trail running. These courses will be offered during the year. Please contact for more information.

Team PHYSIONRJ | Find us in the commercial centre of Migros Manoir in Martigny and in Finhaut we are located in the Résidence Victoria. 


Where to find PHYSIONRJ in Martigny // Physiotherapist Martigny
Karin | Physiothérapeute responsable à Cabinet PhysioNRJ Martigny et Finhaut. Physio Martigny

Karin Grimfors

Responsable physiotherapist and founder of PHYSIONRJ

PHYSIONRJ | Physio Martigny and Finhaut

Physiotherapist BSc |  Denmark 2007 | Swiss recognition.

Specialized in rehab within neurology, sports, orthopaedics et rheumatology. Consulting in biomechanics for preparation and preventing injuries within running and trail. 

Continued studies in neurology, rehab of the hand, manual therapy, biomechanics and scientific studies.

Professional experience from hospitals and clinics in Switzerland, France, Norway and Denmark within the fields of science, neurology, sports, biomechanics, rheumatology and orthopaedics. 

Lavey Médical | Rehab in rheumatology and neurology.

Independent physio | Rehab in neurology, rheumatology, orthopaedics and sports.

Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, clinic of neurosciences | Evaluation and rehab of patients with stroke, parkinson, epileptic etc. Analysis of mouvements in laboratory of biomechanics, Neurosurgery and centre of rehab; Beau Séjour. 

Hôpitaux du Pays du Mont Blanc, France | Evaluation and rehab within geriatrics, neurology, respiratory and orthopaedics.

Independent physio in Chamonix, France | Rehab within sports and rheumatology.

Bjørn | Physiothérapeute responsable à Cabinet PhysioNRJ Martigny et Verbier. Physio Martigny

Bjørn Toft

Founder of PHYSIONRJ

Physiotherapy Martigny

Physiotherapist BSc | Denmark 2007 | Swiss recognition.

Specialized in sports physiotherapy, fonctional biomechanics and mental preparation of athletes. Rehab in orthopaedics and rheumatology. 

Continued studies « Sports & exercise medicine » Wales  “Pg.Dip Sport & exercise medicine practitioner”.

Professional experience from clinics and hospitals in Switzerland, France, Norway and Denmark within sports, biomechanics, mental preparation and orthopaedics. 

Independant physiotherapist  | Sports coach | Consulting in performance | sports physiotherapy, biomechanics, bike fitting and mental preparation of athletes.

Independant physio in Chamonix, France | Rehab in sports et rheumatology.

Hôpitaux du Pays du Mont Blanc, France | Rehab in orthopaedics.

Athletic background | Former freeride snowboarder, competitive cyclist, now professional long distance cross country skier at Danish Skimarathon Team (From season 22/23)

Physio à Verbier et Martigny | Maddie | PHYSIONRJ

Maddie Parker

Physiotherapist in Martigny | PHYSIONRJ

Physio in Martigny 

Physiotherapist | Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy University of Hertfordshire, UK 2015 | Swiss recognition.

Continued studies | Medical Acupuncture 2022
Management of Temporomandibular Disorders A. Weden 2020
Sporting Hip and Groin J. Moore 2019
APPI Matwork Pilates 2019
Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science G. Lehman 2018
Sports Taping 2017

Specialized in | Physiotherapy in Sports, Hand Therapy, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Temporomandibular Disorders, and Pilates.

Professional experience | 5 years in the National Health Service and Private Clinics – UK, Sports Massage and Physio in Private Clinics – Switzerland. Physio for Touch Switzerland Womens Team.

Languages | French, English

Miren // physio speaking Spanish physionrj in Martigny

Miren Izagirre

Physiotherapist in Martigny | PHYSIONRJ

Physio in Martigny 

Physiotherapist | Graduated from the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR), Spain in 2020

Specializes in: Rehabilitation care in orthopaedics, neurology and geriatrics

Professional experience and internship: Sports and neurological physiotherapy (Mendoza, Argentina), Private Clinic in Switzerland

Hormonal health and the pelvic floor 2020

Pilates Method 2022

Languages ​​| French, English, Spanish, Basque

Cabinet de physiothérapie

Rose Caseley

Physiotherapist in Martigny | PHYSIONRJ

PHYSIONRJ | Physio in Martigny

Physiothérapeute | Queensland university in Brisbane Australia 2008 | Swiss recognition 

Continued studies | Master in physiotherapy 2008, Schroth method in scoliosis, Myofascial crochets 2016.

Specialized in geriatric physiotherapy, orthopaedics, rheumatology, yoga and pilates. 

Professional experience | Private clinic in Brisbane, Lavey médical and yoga instructor.

Physio Verbier & Martigny| James | PHYSIONRJ

James Couturier

Seasonal physiotherapist in Martigny | PHYSIONRJ

Physio (seasonal) in Martigny 

Physiotherapist | Bachelor of Physiology and Sports Science 2017 (Glasgow)

Continued studies | Master’s degree in Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) 2021 (Glasgow)

Specializes in: Rehabilitation care for athletes, orthopaedics, neurology and geriatrics

Professional experience and internship: Queen Elisabeth Univserity Hospital (Scotland), Glasgow Royal Infirmary (Scotland), Cabinet de L’Organe (France).

Other Experiences | Surf Instructor

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Julie Physio in Martigny

Julie Repond

Physiotherapist (replacement) in Martigny | PHYSIONRJ

PHYSIONRJ | Physio in Martigny

Physiotherapist | Bachelor of Sciences degree in physiotherapy in Leukerbad in 2022

Specialises in | Rehabilitation support for athletes, orthopaedics, neurology and geriatrics.

Professional experience and internships | Private practice, Valais hospital (CHVR), neurology rehabilitation clinic.

Languages | French, German, Spanish, English

Physiothérapie à Martigny en Valais


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